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Wie Vorschulkinder Geltung etablieren

  1. Ines Bose
  2. Kati Hannken-Illjes


How preschoolers establish validity

Employing natural data from child-child communication among preschoolers, we study argumentative exchanges which function to establish validity and knowledge rather than aim at resolving disputes. Based on earlier findings, we assume that preschoolers employ the practice of giving reasons (argumentation) often collaboratively and cooperatively in order to establish validity. Our data consists of two longitudinal corpora of child-child communication in institutional settings (kindergarten) as well as in private situations. Methodologically we draw on qualitative approaches, namely conversation analysis, argumentation analysis and ethnomethodology, thereby combining linguistic and rhetorical approaches.

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Studia Linguistica

35, 2016

Strony od 119 do 136

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