Walencja semantyczna polskich i  duńskich czasowników ruchu w  ujęciu kontrastywnym

  1. Michał Smułczyński ORCiD: 0000-0003-3699-4724michal.smulczynski@uwr.edu.pl


The semantic valency between Polish and Danish motion verbs. A contrastive view

The contrastive view of two languages is always a very important source of data from grammar’s, didactics’ and translation’s point of view. In the following article the differences in semantic valency between Polish and Danish motion verbs are described. The different levels of semantic restrictions are presented and compared as well as differences in semantic roles. The study gives also informa-tion about the influence of divergence and convergence on the semantic valency.

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This article

Studia Linguistica

32, 2013

Pages from 173 to 188

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