Konceptualizacja wrażeń słuchowych w języku polskim

  1. Przemysław Staniewski



Precedent phenomena in the poetic language world byYuri Andrukhovych: functional and typological peculiarities

The article deals with a detailed review and analysis of the peculiarities of precedent phenomena in the poetic work of Yuri Andrukhovych.
The author concludes that in his poetry Yuri Andrukhovych has actively used precedent phe­nomena with different typological characteristics: on the precedentity level there are represented socio-precedent units, nationally precedent and universally precedent ones; on the verbalization form there are shown names (anthroponyms, goronyms, oikonyms, urbanonyms, hydronyms, oro­nyms, theonyms, geortonyms, ekklesionyms, cosmonyms), statements, a text, and a situation; units of literary, biblical, mythological, folklore, historical and philosophical origin; on the basis of trans­formality there are found some examples which have not been modified while introduced into the poetry text, as well as those that function as modified variants obtained by structural and semantic (truncation, addition), structural and graphic, and actually semantic modification; on the basis of attribution / non-tribution there are found units with attribution and without it, which constitute the majority of the analyzed examples. The mentioned precedent phenomena in the poetic texts by Yuri Andrukhovych perform the following functions: informative-signal, nominative, organizational and compositional, ludic, forecasting, characterizing and metaphoricizing ones. The foregoing gives grounds to assert that the analyzed precedent phenomena presented in the poetic works are their organic component, and represented as an active text-forming and stylistic unit.


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Studia Linguistica

36, 2017

Pages from 111 to 133

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