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Sposoby derywacji w polskim języku IT

  1. Anna Borowska


Types of Derivation in Polish IT Language

Growing global interest in information technology entails the need to be familiarised with its lan­guage. The author indicates a gap in linguistic research, namely the absence of regular analysis of both English and Polish IT languages. Moreover, the IT language should be differentiated from computer or programming languages. The paper presents the results of derivative analysis of texts written by IT specialists in order to illustrate the main tendencies of a new term creation in the target language, such as the Polish IT language. The author describes the derivative mechanism of Polish IT language compared to the primary language in the considered field of knowledge – English IT language. The paper also discusses the issue of originality of Polish IT language in its derivation­al dimension. The selected terms are analysed and classified according to affixes forming them. Such formation of new terms is presented through morpheme typology, composition as well as a word-formative nest. The description emphasises the variety of types and meanings that are present in derivational processes.

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Studia Linguistica

36, 2017

Strony od 7 do 20

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