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Tilgungstendenzen in Konferenzvorträgen. Eine korpusbasierte Studie

  1. Marta Rogozińska


Deletion trends in academic talks. A corpus-based analysis

The purpose of this paper is to describe some current deletion trends in modern spoken German. The study is based on orthographic transcriptions of academic talks made by German native speakers. The analysis has been conducted in order to show the most common phonetic reductions of the formal Standard German variety as used today in official situations in Germany. The linguistic data are taken from the GeWiss corpus, which is a comparative corpus of audio recordings and transcriptions of spoken academic languages (German, Polish, English). The research organizations involved were the Herder Institute at the University of Leipzig, Wrocław University and Aston University in Birmingham.

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Studia Linguistica

35, 2016

Strony od 205 do 219

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