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„It’s ComforTable“: Ansätze zur Erforschung von Interaktionen an Tabletop- Displays im Ausstellungsraum

  1. Ingmar Rothe


The persuasive dimension of design can be revealedby a detailed view on objects in space

This paper discusses the concepts of interactional architecture and interactional space as a base for analyzing interaction on multi-touch tabletops. It aims at showing how to develop questions for a future analysis of interactive actions through the analysis of the architecture of space. Therefore, the present paper contains a report of a data-session, in which the architecture of the tabletop was investigated. It will be shown that the tabletop’s design suggests various ways of use. Only the combination of an analysis of architecture and of interaction in a real environment may eventually lead to a better understanding of multi-user interaction. Such an in-the-wild study can result in ideas on the user-centered design of interfaces.

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Studia Linguistica

35, 2016

Strony od 137 do 154

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