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„verbAndskasten !MÜS!sen wir haben“. Zum argumentativen Potenzial von Prosodie am Beispiel von Einigungsdiskussionen bei Grundschulkindern

  1. Judith Kreuz
  2. Vera Mundwiler


“we !MUST! have a first aid kit” – On the argumentative potential of prosody in consensual discussions among primary school children

Prosody has proved to be an important means of contextualising and marking statements as argumentatively meaningful – and therefore persuasively functional – for the process of reaching an agreement in group discussions. This paper shows how primary school children use prosodic devices to mark implicit arguments through accentuation, to compensate for missing reasoning, to enhance the persuasive strength of an argument or to mark collaborative reasoning. In contrast to explicit lexical markers, prosody is understood as an implicit resource, which allows younger children to engage in discussions and to successfully persuade others.

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Studia Linguistica

35, 2016

Strony od 99 do 118

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