Linguistik und Rhetorik. Berührungspunkte

  1. Iwona Bartoszewicz



Linguistics and rhetoric. Points of contact

Rhetoric and linguistics have, to some extent, separate histories, traditions and research ranges. However, it is worthwhile to mention some reasons for which it is possible to perceive these disciplines as interdependent due to the doubtless relationship between them. And it is not only for the relationship, naturally existing between rhetoric – the queen of sciences and arts, as stated by Cicerone, and linguistics – a discipline being a theoretically and methodologically independent area, which was formed only in the 19th century. Linguistics appears as a peculiar recipient of solutions in terminological-methodological solutions, while rhetoric is not the only area from which the transfer was possible. It was some exact sciences (chemistry, logic, mathematics etc.) that played a significant role in this case. Today there is also noticed a tendency of rhetoric to open to other areas, including what linguistics can offer. It is a process which allows for the hope to create new research possibilities in both branches.


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Studia Linguistica

35, 2016

Pages from 25 to 36

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