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Textgrammatika in einer Beschwerdeschrift Johann Geilers von Kaysersberg: Zur religiösen Identität und zum juridischen Selbstverständnis im späten Mittelalter

  1. Sebastian Seyferth


Textual phenomena within an appeal of Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg: Religious identity and juridical self-awareness in the late Middle Ages

The article deals with textual phenomena such as isotopy, recurrence or contiguity within a late medieval text, the so-called 21 articles from 1501 written by Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg. The famous preacher argues against heretic judicial instructions initiated by Strasbourg’s city council. Lexically, Geiler focuses on a certain “judgmental concept” in which he accuses, warns, japes, moderates or constructively proposes his point of view. To sum up, he frequently uses rhetorical features in order to write intelligibly.

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Studia Linguistica

33, 2014

Strony od 123 do 134

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