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Hass als Habitus – Liedtexte rechtsextremer Musikszenen in Deutschland

  1. Alexa Mathias


Hate as a rule – song lyrics of the extreme right-wing music scene in Germany 

The article begins by providing an overview of the development of right-wing extremism in the Federal Republic of Germany. This overview focuses on the past three decades and on the wide spectrum of juvenile subcultures within this movement. The right-wing music scene will then be highlighted as a form of propaganda which plays a major role in the ideological indoctrination of young people. Its persuasive function will be demonstrated via a linguistic investigation of rightwing song lyrics on several levels, including lexicological aspects as well as the songs’ argumentative structures. Finally, these results will be illustrated by examples taken from a song lyrics’ corpus compiled within the framework of a recent research project at the Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany), entitled “Language Patterns within the Extreme Right-Wing Music Scene”.

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Studia Linguistica

33, 2014

Strony od 77 do 95

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