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Zu Kontrolltypen aus kontrastiver Sicht: eine deutsch-polnische Studie

  1. Jarosław Aptacy


The control types of German-Polish contrastive perspective

The subject of this paper are selected aspects of infinitive complementation in German and Polish. In such constructions, the lexically unrealized subjects are linked by establishing obligatory or non-obligatory control with arguments of the matrix predicates. The definition of the obligatory vs. non-obligatory control is based on the theory presented by Landau (2000), where among other things the partial, exhaustive and implicit control is mentioned. This paper examines syntactic and semantic properties of structures that embody the two former types of control. The analysis will show that the occurrence of partial and exhaustive control is related to the semantics of the matrix predicate.

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Studia Linguistica

32, 2013

Strony od 19 do 32

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