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Terminologia prawna i prawnicza z perspektywy interlingwalnej

  1. Jan Iluk


Legislative and legal terminology from the interlingual point of view

Interlinguistic relations between two-word German names and Polish equivalents in legislative and legal language are the subject of these analyses. The relation of equivalency plays an important part in the interlinguistic research. In the case of names that can be found in legislative and legal texts, the basic indicator of equivalence is the denotative and prescriptive equivalency. From the interlingual point of view, the important issue is the category and number of the name components, the way of combining them and also the semantic motivation. Taking these factors into consideration, one can generate nine types of interlinguistic equivalency. The established differences are usually of irregular character. While strongly inferring, they infl uence the quality of translation task.

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Studia Linguistica

31, 2012

Strony od 7 do 21

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